Gifts for...The Newly Unattached.

Gift giving has to be my favorite thing about the holidays. There's nothing more fun or fulfilling than tracking down the perfect gift for someone that means so much to you or has had a hand in brightening up your life. This week, I'll be sharing a special gift guide each day that I've curated full of fun, meaningful and likely humorous gifts to bring a smile to someones face....

Gone are the days of break-up induced couch days or sad nights alone, if you or any of your best babes have just entered the new and exciting journey of RECLAIMING THEIR TIME then these experiential gifts will be a perfect place to start

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A Mixology Class

Since a recent separation may have a sister needing a drink in their life, take a classier approach to a girl’s night out and swap tequila shots with tequila cocktails. The next day will probably feel the same, but now have a new “Interest” for your resume. Ahh, to be an adult. (Photo courtesy of Apotheke)


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A Spa Day at Chillhouse

You can never go wrong with a good old fashioned spa day. Book you and your babe a day full of beauty treatments at NYC's trendiest beauty bar. You'll be surrounded by beautiful boss babes, like Cyndi Ramirez, and after a killer massage and getting your nails did (ask for Kesang!), there's no way that the TREAT YO SELF mentality will have you distracted from any heartbreak you may be feeling. Self care is the best way to combat anything - including a broken heart. 


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A Night of Axe Throwing

After you get your heart broken, you might really need to kick some AXE (I'm sorry, I had to). Give the gift of healthy anger management by taking your newly single friend out for a night of drinks and axe throwing at the newly opened Kick Axe. Looking for bonus points in the gift department? Bring a print out of the offending ex and tape it to the board. Shots for anyone who nails them :) (Photo courtesy of Kick Axe)


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A Spin on the Pole

It's natural for your confidence and self-esteem to take a hit after a breakup, so it's important to remind yourself that you're sexy, you're confident and you're one helllllllll of a woman. Grab a group of your babes and take a spin on the pole at Body & Pole. Afterwards, you'll likely leave with an appreciation for our exotic female dancers who have the upper body strength to rival a body builder. (Photo courtesy of Body & Pole)


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Throw a Punch at Overthrow

If you're anything like me post breakup, you've got HELLA frustrations -- things you never said, things you never did and it's time to take that frustration out in a healthy (yet combative) way. Star in your own remake of Fight Club and put on some gloves for a workout that will leave you feeling super empowered AND definitely a little more confident in crossing paths with your ex....  (Photo courtesy of Overthrow)

Cheyenne Adler