“A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is a reality.” -Yoko Ono

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with Cheyenne was born out of the need for a  new vanguard of online publishers. People that inspire you to be your best self, not your *aspirational* self. Individuals  who open their world to show you the 360 view on life, not just the shiny exterior. 

My name is Cheyenne Adler and I created with Cheyenne because over the years, I’ve met and connected with so many amazing women doing incredible things like starting their own businesses, taking personal risks, breaking from the societal norm and challenging our own belief system of what a woman should be. It’s forced me to think about the woman I want to be and I’ve realized I want to be real. 

I’m not perfect. I make mistakes. I say the wrong things. I laugh at inappropriate moments. My closet is a mess. I always forget to brush my teeth before bed. I forget the day of the week all the time. I’m naive. I tend to run late more often than not. I drink too much tequila. I suffer with depression and anxiety. 

The list could go on forever (and it does because I’m a fucking mess) but it also includes things like…

I have the coolest family who believes in the power of my dreams. I graduated from  NYU, the school of my dreams. I’m intelligent in my own way. I make myself laugh (and others occasionally). I have a unique sense of style. I love how I look when stare at myself in a mirror. I’m not afraid to call myself beautiful. I believe in true love. I love to dance and often break out at random times. I’m one of the best friends anyone can have. I’m loyal. I’m adventurous. I aspire to be a beacon of positivity to anyone I meet. I believe that so many of the world’s problems could be solved if we all just helped each other succeed.

Welcome to my beautifully imperfect world. 

If I’m real with you, I dream of a place where you can be real with me, share your opinions, ideas, thoughts, fears, insecurities as I can guarantee I will with you. 

If you dream of being real, imperfections and all, you’re not alone. 

You’re with Cheyenne.