Gifts for...The #Girlboss Who Inspires You

Gift giving has to be my favorite thing about the holidays. There's nothing more fun or fulfilling than tracking down the perfect gift for someone that means so much to you or has had a hand in brightening up your life. This week, I'll be sharing a special gift guide each day that I've curated full of fun, meaningful and likely humorous gifts to bring a smile to someones face....

Where would we be without the women in our life that inspire us, empower us and influence our lives by being the unapologetic #girlboss that they are?! I know that I wouldn't be half the woman I am without my mom, my mentor at Squarespace, Farah Sheikh, and the inspiration of my CMO, Kinjil Mathur. Here are a few gifts you can give to show some love and remind the special in your life that she’s Doing. Her. Thangggg.  


The book that started it all

There's no gift guide for #GIRLBOSSES without the book that inspired the hashtag and the movement that followed. I've had the incredible pleasure of meeting Sophia Amoruso and she's one that I would happily follow of a cliff if it came to it. Her story from street urchin to Nasty Gal's CEO is one that inspires and shows us all that no matter where we came from, we all have the power to make something of ourselves. She's now gone on to start GIRLBOSS media,  launch GIRLBOSS Rallies across the states and now has TWO more bestselling books: Nasty Galaxy and The Girlboss Workbook. There's really no better gift than inspiration. 



A Place Amongst Fellow #Girlbosses

The Wing is THE place to be if you identify as female and are looking to be surrounded by women with the common goal of supporting the feminist movement. Everything from the millenial pink-IG friendly spaces (They just opened their second NYC location in Soho) to there frequent gatherings hosted by the likes of Eva Chen, Diane Von Furstenburg, and founders Lauren Kassan and Audrey Gelman are absolutely inspiring. Their open door policy definitely encourages working weekends and long nights of conversation with fellow members. (Photo courtesy The Wing) 



A Website to share their girl power

This is not sponsored in any regards by Squarespace. I just love the fucking product that much! Give the gift of a website subscription to the woman who's been talking and thinking and still needs that last push to take their ideas and opinions to the next level. Give her a home to spread her knowledge and power with the rest of us out here looking to be inspired by a female founded business, blog, or art. She'll be among the likes of women like Ashley Graham, Jen Atkin, Gloria Steinhem, Hillary Clinton..and me! 



A Pen mightier than any sword

How adorable are these little pens?! Truthfully thinking of buying a set for myself...and every woman on my team! At $15 per set, this is an affordable and v cute way of showing any lady in your life that you think they are killing it and dominating the things they do! It will also serve as a great reminder to them if they ever have any doubts, that no matter what, good days or bad days, that you are rooting for them from afar. (Photo courtesy of Sweetwater decor)



a message to the world

With this little pin, your favorite lady gets to let the world KNOW she is not playing around. She's a feminist and one with a mission. Pin this to your denim jacket as you're out and about, pin it your suit lapel to let your office bros know who they're dealing with and hell, rock one on your PJs as you dream your feminist dreams. At $12 a pin, you can even spring for your own! There's nothing like a little matching to show your favorite feminist that we're all in it together. 



Her own personal assistant

Legitimize her #GIRLBOSS-ness with her own Google Mini. For only $29, you're giving your girl her own personal assistant that will help with everything from scheduling, daily reminders, and her to-do list. It can also connect to your TV via Chromecast and play music anywhere, anytime. Trust me, the next time you see your best babe, she'll have mastered the art of multi-tasking (if she hasn't already) with the help of this powerful little device. 

Cheyenne Adler