How to Survive (and Thrive) With Anxiety at Work


Alright dolls, It’s been a minute since we’ve chatted mental health and that’s my bad. It’s been a crazy start to the year and when we last talked anxiety, we had a super fun IG Live where we got the chance to cover a variety of topics like how do you know if you have anxiety, how to cope with that, how to deal in the workplace, etc! I knew the next time I launched a conversation around the subject, I would want it to be when I had more experience with my anxiety and how I learned to overcome a few difficulties in my own workplace....

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1. Walk it Out
The transition from being a student to a full-time employee was super difficult because after years of being in college and being able to wander between school, internships and enjoying my time exploring the city, I found myself seemingly chained to a desk for 8 hours on end. It wasn't until I realized that taking a walk in the afternoon was a perfectly acceptable way for me to get a break from whatever is triggering my anxiety that I made sure to incorporate one into my every day routine. Go for  10-15 minutes, listen to a podcast or Think Up!, and I can guarantee that you'll feel better by the time you sit back at your desk.

2. Listen to your go-to playlist.
When I was really struggling with my anxiety, I had a special playlist with anthems from all the greats...Whitney, Britney, Beyonce, Cher, Spice Girls - it helped to hear empowering words from women who may feel the same way as me! 

3. Phone a friend. 
If you need a little extra support, ask if you can call your friend or a close relative on your lunch break/whenever they have a spare minute. Hearing a familiar voice is always calming and it's good to have someone you can talk through your stressors (things causing you the anxiety!) with that knows you and that you trust. 

4. Talk to a close co-worker or even your supervisor.
When I was working in an office environment, it was always nice to have a friend there that was willing to grab coffee with you, sit with you at lunch or even take that walk with you. You don't necessarily have to dive into the details if you don't want to, but having someone to take your mind off of things is helpful. It's always great if you have a great relationship with your supervisor - talk to them if your anxiety is really getting in the way and need to maybe make adjustments to your work environment. 

5. Ask to work from home! 
Don't be afraid to take a sick day or ask if you can finish the rest of the day from home. Looking back to when I was having a difficult time with my anxiety and it was really hard to concentrate on my work, I should have listened to what I needed instead of pushing myself too far and taking on too much. Stick up for your mental health! 

I'm always looking for new ways to manage my #MentalHealth! If you have any advice or pointers that you use...feel free to drop them below in the comment section! I really appreciate it! 



Cheyenne Adler