Spring, Sprung || One Dress, Two Vibes

I'm obsessed with this look not only because it represents both sides of how I dress - sometimes I go for simple & sophisticated, other times I’m like f*ck it let's glam it up, and if I’m REALLY feeling it, then it’s f*ck me vibes a la Cardi B.

I'm really into stripes and mules at the moment so here's a little inspiration no matter what your taste. Take a dress and have fun with it! Whether you prefer a classic and sophisticated black mule or a funky, pink heel, it’s not the outfit that decides but the babe wearing it! When I approach an outfit, I dress for how I want to feel and that’s what makes a great outfit. I’m obsessed with both of these looks and plan on wearing them both. Ah, the power of accessories.


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This post is really fun for me to share because I often think that life goes through cycles and recently I just had a full-circle moment! I had the privilege of shooting with the FIRST photographer that ever shot me! It was amazing to think how nearly four years ago, I was just setting out with the goal of working in marketing. I had landed an internship at Hannah Bronfman’s HBFIT and they asked me to model for a branded content piece. Not gonna lie, sophomore me went home and cried on the phone with my mom.

Fast forward to now, here I am shooting with the beautiful Alyssa Greenberg! We had a lot of fun with all the looks we shot together...so I hope you do to :)  

Cheyenne Adler