10 Spring 2018 Trends To Get Excited About


Oh spring, how I love thee! If we're being honest, summer is my favorite season, but spring gets me all excited because of it's proximity to rooftop and Aperol season. Spring usually has a difficult time deciding whether she wants to be rainy or warm, but hey, glass half full, if my melanin gets to shine at least a little more frequently, I'll take it. I pulled together the trends I'm most excited about this spring AND shopped all my favorite stores for pieces all under $200. 


Game, Blouses!

I feel like I've been waiting my entire life to make that Dave Chapelle reference. Let's all just take a moment. Ok and now back to the regularly scheduled programming. The past couple of years have been prepping us for this season's *blouse moment* with the off the shoulder and wrap top trends. Now we've got the peasant girl, deconstructed button up, balloon sleeves, the list is pretty damn endless. I'm definitely planning on working a few of these bad boys into my wardrobe - I have a feeling that the statement blouse is here to stay. 


Ultraviolet, Lavender. Color of ROYALTY.

I love millennial pink, believe me I really do, but I'm ready for a refresh and purple just seems to be the right color to do the trick. The color has already popped up on all of my favorite babes and I'm currently looking for the perfect piece so I can join in on the action. Please hold me accountable for a full lavender ensemble.


"Nobody can be told what the matrix is..."

I'm not going to pretend...I've never seen the matrix (which is kind of crazy since Squarespace just worked with Keanu on the coolest Super Bowl Ad ever).Anyways, I just know it would really cause my anxiety to flare up and that is just not ideal, you know? But I'm really about the chic glasses the characters wear. It's like all of a sudden you're couture and if you're wearing jeans and a tee, *casually couture* -- model off duty vibes achieved. Thanks to babes like Solange, Bella Hadid, Ryan Destiny, Jourdan Dunn , and countless others (me) - you can get the look at any price point.


Sugar, Spice....Sh*t, this fabric is NICE.

Pardon my french, but this trend is all about dressing like a fucking lady, but make it FASHUN. There's going to be a lot of tulle, a fair share of transparency, and vintage inspired silk errywhere. The great thing about anything that's overly girly is that it poses a unique opportunity to define what "feminine" means to you -- is it a ballerina skirt with a pair of Yeezys and a Ganni sweater or would you likely be seen sporting a silk slip with kitten heels? Whatever you prefer, have fun taking back the phrase "dress like a girl."


The Utilitarian Uniform

Easy to throw on, easily transitional, easily incorporated into any wardrobe. This spring we're going to see a lot of neutral colors paired with cargo and linen materials. Reminiscent of our cargo pants sk8ter boi days, our grown up selves are dressing up the fitted culottes, bright cameo prints and sophisticated jumpsuits.





Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at 1.28.46 PM.png

Bling Bling, Baby. 

You know I'm never one to shy away from a little shine, but with the help of Kira Kira, we can all easily incorporate a daily dose of diva with the click of a button. Our love of glitter doesn't just limit itself to the digital realm -- we all LOVE some Swarovski crystals (don't lie). This spring, try incorporating a little glitter into your ~lewk~ whether that be learning to walk ("So I'm trying Killawatt tonight, can you tell?"), baby steps ("OHHH OKKUURRR, You're gonna really try and walk past me in that glittery top bitch. I saw that on Revolve.") to full-blown Beyonce Crazy in Love. (Enough said.) Give it a try, Beyonce would want this.


Bold, Saturated Colors

There's no holding back this season when it comes to color. We'll be seeing hues pulled straight from ROYGBIV as accent colors (ahem, nothing says accent like a faux fur jacket if you ask me) or for those looking to make a bigger statement, I'm daring you to pick your favorite color and push yourself to try a monochrome look. ALL BLUE BABY.

Don't be so Square...or do?

You heard it here first guys: I'm trading in my turtlenecks for all the square necklines I can get my hands on. I'm already imagining all of the blouses, fitted summer dresses and dainty cotton tops.


Call me, Clueless

I could likely argue that Cher and Dionne of Clueless never truly went out of style, but this spring -- it's a comeback like never before. It truly begs the question, do we ever really grow out of high school? Look forward to influencers modernizing some of the iconic looks into statement-making plaid suits and pretty pastels. I'm most excited to try wearing socks with strappy sandals - I'll report back...


Let's Get Wet. 

And I'm talking about our outfits! Vinyl, a material once associated with red rooms and dominatrix debauchery, is now casually juxtaposed with virginal bodices and oversized dad sweatshirts. Don't get me wrong, I don't think vinyl will ever lose that sex appeal, it's just forcing us to rethink the shapes and spaces we think are sexy. Ah, don't you just love fashion?

Cheyenne Adler