The DVF Jacket Everyone Can Agree is a Must Have


Now we all know that DVF is a classic, one of the classics. Right up there with Ralph Lauren in the American greats, except Diane brought us something similar to Versace --an immigrant story that embodied the true American dream and then gave us a woman to embody. A more confident, defiant, bold woman. Diane Von Furstenburg, president of the cfda, pioneer of the Wrap dress and simultaneously a movement to empower women to be unabashedly sexy, fearless and wildly independent. I can only picture how back then, I would have loved to be one of the first women wearing that wrap dress to my 70's Mad Men-esque office.

Fast forward to 2018 and Diane is doing it all over again, defining a piece that a woman can feel sexy, empowered, and fucking FUN in: the faux fur jacket. It makes a statement and for me, anything that makes getting dressed again as fun as it was when I was first daring to sneak my first heel or be bold enough to wear fishnets and a school girl skirt. Not saying all of my fashion choices have been highlights, but I know that any outfit incorporating this jacket will be. No matter your style, this DVF Faux Fur jacket is the piece any fashion girl can agree is a look maker. every. damn. time.

Check out the various ways fashion's very own has sported this jacket and if $595 has you saying "Cheyenne, you see how my bank account is set up...." then you know your girl has your back. I've found the most badass faux fur options under $200:

Cheyenne Adler